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Student and a professional procrastinator from DLSU.

I suck at a lot of things including writing in description boxes.

Disclaimer: This blog is not grammatically perfect.

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Antiteasis: Books and Brews

Been wanting to find quirky cafes and cute hangout places the past few days. I’m enjoying my last days of freedom as I will finally start my internship next week. And so far, I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to find pretty chill and laidback cafes around this Starbucks-ridden metropolis. 

While running some errands, I stumbled upon this very unassuming and very laid-back facade of what looks like a tiny tea place squeezed in between restaurants. The name of the establishment is quite intriguing (was it supposed to be “Anti thesis” haha) and so, being a curious cat, I went in.

A huge bookcase filled with books was the first thing that caught my eye. I was secretly beaming with joy on the inside since library cafes are so limited in Manila. The familiar scene of being surrounded by different sized pillows, scattered all over the floor reminded me of my elementary days when we used to go to our library. There are recycled tea crates to use as table which will come handy if ever you decide to borrow some of their boardgames :) The place is  small so silence is greatly appreciated since there are students who wants some quiet time for their schoolworks and whatnots. Wifi is also available which is always a plus :)

The menu is quite limited so don’t expect much. I just ordered their raspberry tea which was actually refreshing. It also looks very photogenic since it is served in mason jars. I actually wanted to order the mini donuts to go with my tea but it wasn’t available. 

All in all it was a good day. I like chill, no fuss and laidback days like this.

I got to bring my camera so I was able to capture some shots. Savoring my last few days of freedom till I actually have to work. :>

Like Antiteasis on their Facebook account.

Address: Unit C, 154 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village 1100 Quezon City, Philippines


Some of my favorite things these days










Its been a long time since I updated this old segment of my blog called My favorite things which basically, as the name suggests, a list of my favorite things. So, I supposed it’s apt for me to update this list since I have been loving a lot of items the past few days.

  • Been addicted to scented candles as of lately and this one from Our Home smells divine! Actually, all of the scented candles from this line is perfection! I can’t wait to buy the other variaties.
  • I have raved about this inexpensive lippies on my instagram account before but I am still not over them. Photographed above are my top fave shades both from Love and Beauty by Forever 21. The peachy nude shade (I lost the sticker so I don’t know the name) is from the creamy version and the fiery red (which is simply called Red) is the velvet version. Personally, I love the velvet better but they’re both creamy when applied, smells sweet and super pigmented. Not to mention, uber cheap! It costs around 235 pesos if I’m not mistaken. I also love the shade Rust which is great for everyday. I can’t find it at the moment so no photo :P
  • Mint statement necklace that I’ve been overusing! So thankful I bought this when I went to Hong Kong. I swear this necklace is so versatile! I especcially love to don it when I want a subtle pop of color in my monochrome outfits. 
  • Discovered Frutips on my trip to Hong Kong and become addicted. It tastes a little bit of grapes and blueberry (or maybe that’s because they’re both purple like the packaging) I bought this from SnR for 99 pesos.
  • Statement ring I bought on impulse from Forever 21. They’re great to throw on when I think my outfit need some oomph.
  • Bag from Zara which was on sale. Since my classes requires almost no notebooks, I can get away with using this clutch as my school bag. It houses mostly my lipbalm, powder, pen and paper. haha 
  • This Topman hat was bought at the peak of the snapback season last year. I was on the lookout for cute prints when I saw this at Topman. I like it because of the fun print and the black and white color which goes well with a lot of my clothes.
  • One of the cutest purse I ever own is this pug bag! I wore this to Wanderland 2014. Its so convenient to just throw whatever in it because of its compact size. I never really like big purses anyway so this pug bag is great! :)
  • This cool specs is what I’ve been wearing when my eyes don’t look too good because of my eff up sleeping habits or because I’m too lazy to put on eye make up. It just covers up my tired eyes and frame my face so nicely. I just put this on and dab some red lippies and I’m good to go.

So, that’s some of my favorite things these days. What was your favorite? :)

I feel the burn

I’m in the midst of my finals week but somehow, I just had the urge to blog something today! Classes were also suspended because of the rain and flooding so I suppose I was granted a little more time to procrastinate.

In moments like this when I yearn for the sunny weather and bright blue sky. Looking at my window, I could see the dark clouds threatening to unleash its wrath any moment now. 

And that’s one of the reason why I decided to post some happy photos from my very recent and very spontaneous trip to the beach,

Ahhh. Yess.  How I miss thee.


It was actually supposed to be a day trip but on our way to the beach we stopped in Tagaytay and we just couldn’t leave! The weather, the bulalo, it was perfection!

So, we booked a cheap ass room (it was 1800 and it was decent actually. The building was new so everything was fairly new as well. One tip: bring a blanket cause their blanket is a joke! HAHA Good thing I always bring my blankie with me inside the car) and stayed overnight in Tagaytay and the next morning, headed to the beach!

And since it was an “impromptu” trip, I didn’t packed clothes. Although no worries since I’m almost always ready because of my "emergency box" inside my car.

I was good to go!! I even have disposable underwear in there! HAHA For anything else I might need, I can always buy there :)

Here are some photos of me at the beach. We went to Nasugbu, Batangas by the way:




(This was supposed to be my outfit going back home. But I stupidly got the shorts wet [right in the crotch area] while I was taking a shower so I settled into wearing what I wore the day before which was the wine colored romper)

On the way home, we stopped in Nuvali to have some snacks and I noticed the sun was just gleaming so you know what that means…outfit shots!! HAHA


(It may not look like it but I was so burnt that day. I guess that sunblock in my car didn’t suffice! Also, that’s my no make up look right there!)




[Romper and cover up from Forever 21 | Sandals from H&M | Hat from Zara kids | Pug bag from Hong Kong]


Dreaming of the day I can do this again. Next term I’ll start my OJT and of course my time will be limited. Not complaning though. I know I’ll have plenty of time after graduation! HAHA

In the meantime, I have to endure sleepless nights in order to study for my finals. Crossing my fingers that I’ll do well 


I wish I could be 
as calm as the sea

I wish I could be

as calm as the sea

As of late

So.. it’s been a total whirl of events the past month. You know how sometimes you think there’s nothing really happening with your life but you can’t seem to catch a break? You’re always busy doing mundane things that are insignificant and yet you can’t seem to stop. Well, that’s what my life is lately. Somehow, all important (and not so important) stuff filled my imaginary, non existent planner that I just had to get away from it all. Here’s my life as of late. Also, I apologized for the quality (or lack thereof) these photos. The next post will be better I promise!  

  • Decided to "cook" dinner by throwing a cup of frozen shrimp into the sludge of bottled tomato sauce we bought from the grocery store, it was pretty decent enough in a sense that my sister and I didn’t suffer any vomitting or stomach problems. Can you say domisticated??! HAHA
  • I squeezed in an o-o-t-n that I wore to a movie night in midst of my quizzes and reports. I got to say it was also rare for me to wear my hair slick and straight that it deserves a post.
  • A fun night out with my bestfriend consists of laughing and singing at the top of our lungs while other people stare. Sometimes, its nice to let your hair down.
  • Been trying to wear my Doc Martens more often to break it in. The leather is still so stiff but I guess that is a good thing.
  • A quick, spontaneous day trip to Tagaytay that turned into an overnight trip. It started when we ate at Buffalo wings n’ things at Nuvali. Good thing I always have an emergency box in my car filled with “things I might need for spontaneous trips slash zombie apocalyspe” (Hey, remind me to blog about that! HAHA)
  • The beach. Finally. Always been and forever will be a beach girl.
  • Anddd the aftermath of my prolonged sun exposure. I guess its safe to say that the sunblock I applied didn’t suffice (or may have been expired already)
  • Took most of my pictures at the beack using my Go Pro and it turned out really well.

Basically, that sums up my life as of late. I’m in the middle of my hell week and yet I found time to blog. There is something therapeutic with blogging I tells ya!!!

There’s just so many thing I have to do that my brain is bursting with imaginary post-its to remind me of those stuff that I have to do. One more term and hopefully I will be done with school! Crossing my fingers that I don’t fail any subjects this term and move on to my last academic term! I can’t wait to be free from this stress!! 

My instagram:

tearsofjoycee (double E)

As of late

I decided since I can’t blog all the time, I’ll just post snippets of my life as of late. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain it since we all know how I can be so lazy. 

Anyway, as of late…

  • The biggest news is… *cue drum roll* we have a puppy again!! :D His name is Hodor (Hello Game of Thrones Fans) because unlike his sibling, he is very husky and big but really sweet and gentle.

  • My customised canopy bed already arrived at the soon-to-be house! I’m so excited!!! Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted a canopy bed. I’m so happy my parents agreed to grant my wishes. It also helps that it wasn’t that expensive (although we did have to wait for 2 months) Nevertheless, it was worth it.

  • A random trip to the beach with my sister and her friends. Served as their chaperone. I didn’t mind though. It might not look like it but it was very gloomy that day. I was so ready to swim with my new high waisted bikini from Topshop.. but then it rained.

  • Been buying this lippies from Forever 21. It was so cheap that I threw it on last minute while was paying for my purchases. Then I got addicted and bought few other colours. The consistency is very smooth and creamy. Plus points for it smelling like vanilla/creme brûlée.

  • My tuesdays are officially booked in Skinny Mike’s Sports bar. You might be asking, what the heck am I doing in a sports bar? Well, every tuesday they have this ridiculous promo which is  10 pesos/wing. I mean seriously, that ought for me to try. And I got hooked and ordered dozen upon dozen. I love it especially paired with rice and beer. Hmmm.

  • My evenings are consists of this fatty, late dimsum run courtesy of this Chinese restaurant my dad loves, Golden Fortune. They have half off promo to all their dimsum and congees and noodles 9pm-12mn every day. I mean, what’s not to love?

So this caps off my life as of late. Hopefully I can do this more often.



reblog and make a wish!this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)


reblog and make a wish!

this was removed from tumbrl due to “violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines”, but since my wish came true the first time, I’m putting it back. :)


Summertime may soon be bidding us farewell but it doesn’t mean that my love for anything bright and colorful will too. And it looks like its not going any time soon.

These past few days, I’ve been loving pops of color on me. Particularly cool hues such as yellows, mint green, and various shades of blue. Also, during weekends (when there is no dress code that interferes with my fashion choices) I tend to reach for my rompers and dresses more. It’s just easier to throw on and accessorize. 

Take a look at this romper for example:

Looks familiar?

It’s because its the exact romper I wore when I went to Wanderland 2014 (a music festival in the Philippines. You can read it all about here

See, by throwing on different pieces, it totally transformed my look :) I’ve been just loving this particular romper because its so damn comfy. And incidentally, I wore this to the screening of The Fault in Our Stars. I don’t wanna say anything that may affect your views but…

I ugly cried inside the theater. They also kept the lights off even after the movie was rolling the credits because everyone was just ugly crying HAHA 

[Blazer from Cotton On | Romper from Forever 21 | Blue pumps from | Necklace from 168 | Bag was a gift ]

Leaving with you a book quote I marked from TFIOS

Other book quotes can be found here

Have you watched TFIOS? How’d you like it? :D

You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection for you.

You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection for you.

Wanderland 2014

I attended a music festival almost a week ago and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to dress up and sneak in a photo shoot so that I can finally change my display photo in FB.

Yes, I am that lame. 

And while we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to shoot some outfit shots. I mean, I might as well do it since its very seldom I get to shoot outdoors (or shoot in particular) I just came back from a very tiring vacation from Hong Kong but the excitement of attending this music festival washed over me. (and fine, also shooting my outfit shots HAHA)

I dragged my heavy DSLR all the way to the.. parking lot. (DSLR weren’t allowed inside the venue according to wanderland people) And although it wasn’t the venue I had in mind, it worked. Thanks to the glorious sun that made the photos oh-so bright and pretty just the way I like it.





How cute is my pug pouch?? I have a thing with quirky bag and clutches and when I saw this at the street market in Hong Kong, I knew I have to have it! I bought 2 other “faces” too! It’s just so funny and quirky haha



[Romper, boots and lightning bolt necklace from Forever 21 | Hat from Zara kids | Belt from Zara | Sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie | Pug bag from Hong Kong]

I wish I could show you more photos of the festival itself but I wasn’t able to capture much photos because I used my go pro for recording the performances of my fave bands! Still can’t believe I saw The Royal Concept and Last Dinosaurs live!! They were both awesome! As well as the other bands. Everyone was dressed so well its like a mini fashion show. There were a lot of activities too so I was never bored. Excited to go the next one next year! :)

Anyway, its officially start of classes in DLSU. Gaaah. I’ve been studying for so long and I really feel old specially with the froshies coming in. Its my own fault for shifting and not liking my course and taking 2-3 subjects per term :| I got two terms left (hopefully) and then I’m done. 


Let’s look at it this way

I often wonder why I still keep this blog when I barely update it let alone open it. Sometimes, I just want to log on to the account settings and deactivate this blog all together. But I always find myself hesitating. I guess a part of me still clings to the past. No, I’m not talking about anything (or anyone if you’re wondering) in particular. I guess I just like skimming through these pages and see how much I changed (or not) through the years. 

Blogging always make me see things in a different perspective. It somehow helps me realize some things. And I guess that’s still a good reason to keep it.

Anyway, posting these photos from so many months ago. I just haven’t been photographing a lot lately. Mainly because of my lazy schedule and also, my motivation to dress up has reduce from meh to ZERO. My closet is undergoing a major overhaul and it is just a mess. I can’t find anything because everything is on top of one another. Can’t wait to finally organize it and hopefully be back to my old overdress self. The same can be said about my weight. I have been struggling to get back to my old weight. I blame insomnia and Mcdelivery for this. Of course, I been trying to move around and get fit but its just impossible to lose the weight when after every workout I find myself looking for the nearest potato corner stand (which inconveniently is not so far from my “gym”) so… yeah.

That’s my life as of the moment. 

[Blazer, tights and shades from Forever 21 | Sparkly sweater from Zara | Skirt from Singapore| Boots from Landmark| Hat from SM Accessories]

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Usual. Typical.

These photos were taken a few weeks back and I finally got around in editing and posting them here. :)

So anyway, yesterday was Valentines day and boy, was it brutal

For us single people, its just another day.



Except its not. Flowers are everywhere. Red and pink hearts will flood your sight. My instagram feed was filled with cheesy couple pictures with messages as captions and sweet gestures captured in a 15 second video or slideshow of some sort. Feb 14 is just a reminder for us single people that we are indeed, single and is celebrating it with our lonesome (and some shots of tequila OR maybe an anti valentines day party? HAHA)

The traffic was horrible too because every couple in the city wants to parade their couple-y self in every restaurant. Add that to the fact that its friday and payday…

I literally got stuck in my car for 2.5 hours traveling to what used to be a 20-30 min drive. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing happy couples. I like being happy for friends that are happily with their significant others. It somehow gives me hope that one day, I’ll also have some bouquet and chocolates to instagram and cheesy romantic gesture to take a video of and someone to spend valentines day with.

In a way, it kind of makes you jealous and makes you think to yourself how you also deserve a big bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers and a well thought out plan to celebrate the day or something, anything to make your heart swoon with giddiness. 

I guess being a romantic sucks when you’re kind of cynical and bitter.

I don’t like sounding cynical and bitter but maybe that’s what happens when you’re single. Everything you say sounds bitter and cynical. Especially at this time of the year. haha

Anyway, I posted these photos because for some reason, they kind of apply to the romantic theme don’t you think? 



And say hello to my little sunflower! Too bad it died 3 days after I bought it. Safe to say I indeed don’t have a green thumb. It did, however, brightened up my otherwise dull outfit shots a bit noh? (This was of course before it withered into a sad pale excuse of a sunflower 3 days after). It was really cloudy when I shot this so I was having a hard time editing it. 






[Top from Zara | Maxi skirt from Topshop | Belt from Forever 21 | Floppy hat from SM dept store (? not sure haha)]

So, how was your Valentines day? :)

I hope it was better than mine.



Birthday Wishlist: 2014

So my birthday is coming up. I can’t believe I’m this *old*. Sometimes, I forget that I’m not a teenager anymore. This totally reflects on my way of dressing up. Somehow, I feel silly catching myself wear dainty, cutesy stuff and thus, resort to my all time black boots with everything combo. The pressure of being a *grown up* is killing me. I just can’t see myself with a job, paying bills and what not. 

"I cant waitt to be a grown up" I said a few years back and well, look at me now. All grown up. Oh how I wish I never said those words. Maybe time will slow down and I wouldn’t be here with responsibilities and stuff.


I’m posting my wishlist just cause. Maybe its also a to-buy list for myself. As I’ve said before, I wasn’t really accustomed to birthday celebrations as my family didn’t treat it was a big deal so I’m really not expecting anything. Which is kinda sad and lame considering the fact that other people expects this day to be awesome and special. But I love posting wishlists because its nice to dream about getting your coveted stuff ;)

Go Pro Camera Black edition 


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this for the longest time!! My gosh! How I love thee!! :) For a camera enthusiast like myself, this is a must have! Its so compact that shooting in different angles is a no-biggie. Its also waterproof and takes HD videos which you can mount on helmets, cars etc etc. The possibilities are endless!! And its not that expensive too! I think I saw this at kimstore for about 20k. Not bad huh?

LG pocket photo printer


Instant printing is major trend in the “hipster community” these days and I mean, who doesn’t love instant prints right? I already got a polaroid camera which is nice but lets admit, being able to grab prints from instagram and being able to edit and print it is much nicer. This photo printer is an example of things I want but don’t need. HAHA I think I saw this at memo express in MOA for about 8k which is kinda expensive but I think will be worth it. HAHA

Coincidentally, also the 

Fujifilm Share SP-1


which basically does the same thing as the LG one only this prints on the same polaroid film used in those instax cameras. Don’t need but WANT.

A new SLR


I’ve been saying that I will upgrade my ancient canon 450D but didn’t get around to doing so. Basically, its because I’ve been becoming indecisive of what brand and model I’ll choose. I’ve been wanting to go full frame but I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea anymore. I’m not really the best at carrying heavy things especially when traveling but I really want a DSLR.

But a mirrorless camera won’t hurt.

Fujifilm x-m1


I was probably drawn to this because of its vintage exterior. My gosh!! This will be perfect for traveling!! Downside is, its almost the same price as a DSLR haha

Michael Kors Selma bag 



Been eyeing this as well! I was about to buy one but can’t decide on which color and size!!! I heard that the large was too heavy for some people and as I’ve said, I don’t really like carrying heavy stuff but the small is kind of too small. I really wanted the studded red one but couldn’t find it anywhere! But the electric blue one seems nice as well. Hoping I could get my hands on these this year!

Doc Marten 1460 boots


Because I love boots and it seems fitting to finally own this. I also kind of liking the deep purple version of this but the color black is a classic and will match any of my outfits :P I’m a size 5 btw HAHA

or the 1461 

which is such a cutie pie!!!

IPAD mini 2

My sister have the ipad air and for me, its just too big to fit into my little purse and also, I even though its supposed to be light, the case made it heavy so I think i’m going with the ipad mini 2 or maybe an iphone 5s in gold of course :P

I have a lot of things I wanted to buy that I think will always be permanently on my theres-no-chance-in-hell-you’ll-have-that list but i suppose I shall not include them here anymore. I mean really, there’s no point. haha

These are just the things on top of my head. Funny how when you don’t think about what you want, subconsciously, you know what it is but when someone asks, you don’t have any idea. And I’m sure I don’t make sense anymore (blame the coffee I drank plus packs of chocolate I ate) so I’m just gonna end this post.

More updates soon


I did. 
I do.

I did. 

I do.

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