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I suck at a lot of things including writing in description boxes.

Disclaimer: This blog is not grammatically perfect.

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Trip to that place

Last sunday, my dad had the sudden urge to go somewhere "nice". So being the travel supervisor (a name I stole from Sheldon Cooper!) I suggested to make a quick trip to Nuvali and then go to Tagaytay. Partly because I was melting due to the humidity here in Manila and also because I want to see the crazy kois in Nuvali!

It was almost 1pm when we left so it took us awhile to get to Nuvali but the trip wasn’t so bad because there’s not much traffic. And also, I love roadtrips! My family used to do this a lot way back when were still little. It’s almost like a tradition :)



It was so fun to watch the kois fight for the food! They were so hungry that they’re squishing one another. Some were already out of the water because they were really all over that small spot where we throw the food. It was really funny and entertaining! You should go and experience it! haha



We went to Tagaytay right after feeding the kois. We proceeded to steaktown to have our early dinner. I was rooting for Leslie’s but they wanted steaks. And well, we were all very disappointed. The steaks were really dry and hard to chew. It was like, chewing cardboards. :| 

Anyway, the place was really pretty and the sun is just about to set so it was the perfect time for outfit shots!



(Top from 168 | floral shorts and belt from bangkok | hat from Sm dept. store | shoes from Jellybean)

I also brought my new baby, (Canon A-1 film camera) and tried taking test shots. I hope the results are okay. Once I finished the roll and have them scanned, I’ll try to post them here if the results aren’t too ugly! I’m still getting the hang of it. Film cameras are really tricky because unlike digital SLRs, you can’t just look at the screen (it doesn’t have one lol) and see what settings you need to adjust. Its more of a trial and error. I hope this will train my eye for settings and details. 

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. Its sunday tomorrow and I smell another trip. haha We’ll see :) Can’t wait to post outfit shots with my hair!!

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Misibis Bay: Day 4

Day 4 is all about whale watching! We woke up early to go to Donsol. It’s a 2 hour drive so we had plenty of time to catch up on our sleep. We were so excited for this because its our first time to go and interact with the gentle giant. But I’m kinda bummed I don’t have an underwater case for my DSLR :(

We were the second batch to go there and we were actually nervous because we overheard the first batch saying there were zero sightings of the whales. We are about to waste a huge sum of money for nothing if the whales don’t show up.

We have 3 hours to wait for them and we needed to be ready to jump in when our spotter spots the silhouette of the whales. 

After a couple of minutes, we found ourselves putting on our snorkleing gear fast and perched on to  long bamboo stick at the sides of the boat ready to jump in.

The whale showed up! We were excited and nervous at the same time!

Swimming with the whales is fantastic. They’re so cute with their polka dotted body and flat heads <3

I’m just glad they showed up even though I didn’t get the chance to document the whole experience. 

Some photos:

  • That’s the spotter standing on top of our boat.

  • Lunch on the island

  • Failed photo attempt with the Mt. Mayon’s invisible perfect cone

That’s it for day 4! :)

Not much photos to share.I’m feeling lazy to edit them :P

It’s monday again tomorrow so..

have an amazing week ahead!

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Misibis Bay: Day 3 part 2

This is the second half of our day 3.

I’m really excited to blog about this one because I love my outfit! ;))

Got to wear my very summer-y mullet skirt that I’ve been saving for the longest time because we just went sunset cruising. And before we rode the boat, I had my outfit shots taken first. 

As you guys can see, the wind was not very cooperative that day. My hair was flying in all directions, my skirt’s not swaying in the right direction and I looked like a mess. But still, it kinda works because of my summer outfit!

The Mt. Mayon is once again covered by the clouds! But nevertheless, the sight is still amazing! With the sounds of the waves overwhelming me, I just wanted to stay at that spot forever.

But of course we cant. The waves are getting rockier and rockier and the sky is getting darker, too! So we hurried to the shore and back to safety! And the moment our feet touched the sand, it began to rain! haha

We laughed it off and started to run like crazy back to our villa.

Home sweet home! :)

Thanks for reading my non sense! haha

Misibis Bay: Day 3

Our third day in Misibis Bay was the day my brother have to go back to MNL for his internship. Since we go to different universtities, our schedule don’t exactly sync up. That’s why sometimes, my mom just guess our schedule and wait and see what happens. 

And now, this happened. We wasted 2 days worth of meals and also, the airfare. :| My brother wasn’t able to experience all the activities we did for the next 2 days. :|

But we did catch up on picture taking! And that made mom happy. HAHA

Shortly after he left, following the itinerary, we rode the ATV. It was so much fun!! I get to drive while my sister was left no other choice but to rode with me since she’s not yet 18. :>

The sceneries were beautiful and the road is both challenging and exciting at the same time! It was my first time to ride ATV and its really really fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

(White sheer tee from Topshop | Denim shorts from PRP | white beaded bracelet from 168 | blue hat with big bow and blue beaded necklace from SM Dept store)

I forgot to post this photo from my last post so I’ll just post it now:

Changed the tones to a cooler setting. And look, we’re not too blur!!! haha

Anyway, will post the other half of day 3 tomorrow!

Happy tuesday!

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Misibis Bay: Day 2

A crappy outfit to start off my post. Well, not exactly crappy but I would’ve improved this outfit a lot better if we weren’t too late for our schedule!

After eating lunch, we again, spent the 2nd day lounging around and taking naps. Total relaxation. I spent some time reading Sophie Kinsella’s book, Can I get your number. But in the middle of reading it, the the phone rang! It turned out to be the receptionist asking us to confirm our scheduled water activities.

So after like, 15 minutes of preparing and stuff. We head out to the beach!

The beach is fine. Nothing special. And it’s not as inviting as Coron or Boracay. 

The sand is fine and the color is not totally white. Kind of cream-ish. Also, the beach have small stones and corals all over it. It’s not the best beach for swimming or for little kids but it works well for water activities. Some people also enjoyed the beach. I never really tried to swim there because as I’ve said, its not that inviting. 

We tried the hobbiecat first because we wouldn’t want to get wet in our first activity. (ironic, since we’re there for the water sports.)

After that, we all tried the jet ski. It was fun! :)

After everyone took their turns to ski, we all called it a day and head to our villa. I swam for a little while in the pool and after sometime, bathe and went to the dinner buffet which always take place on the beachside.

I was able to snapped a photo of where it was located that same afternoon. Lookie!

When I headed out to the buffet place, I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect!

The moon is full!


That didn’t come out right. Let me try again.

There it was, the biggest full moon I’ve ever seen! The scene was too perfect. And it occurred to me that I actually brought my tripod for the trip so, I hurriedly went back to our villa and brought it out to the buffet. Silly me huh? I actually could feel other tourists looking at me all weird like, "what the hell is she doing with that tripod?! It’s dinner time!"

Well, look at these photos and tell me what you think!

Due to my limited talent (if ever I have one) in photography and also, limited capabilities of my camera, these photos don’t even do half the justice for what we were seeing at that moment. It was magical. Like, the blue moon in the movie smurf! haha

I felt relax and at peace. I forgot all about what it is I don’t want to remember during that time. (uii, chismis!)

Of course, my overly photograph enthusiastic mom insisted to pose even though I already pointed out it will turn blurry because it was set to a very slow shutter speed. But still, she insisted so, this are the results:

Blurry but she still loves them! haha

Anyway, with that photos, I end my day two. :) 

I shall post the next entries next time.

Have a great weekend! :)

—A good book by Stephen Chbosky, my TOPSHOP crocheted bag, and my ALDO sunnies

This probably summed up my first day here in Misibis Bay. I just lounge on the luxurious beach beds with this book and my fave pair of sunnies to cover up my eyes when the sun is too strong. 

Just a little something before I actually post all about my days when I got home from MNL. Its nice that this place has a wifi though and I actually could post my outfit now but I just want to concentrate on relaxing :)

Have a blessed weekend you guys!

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Thailand day five: Bangkok to Manila

These are just some shops along Pratunam street (first few photos) and inside the famous Platinum fashion mall. The moment I stepped inside the mall, I felt sooo happy. (retail therapy works, I tell you!) Everything is just so lust worthy! See the bags in 9th photo? We bought 3 colors of their heart bag because it was that adorable in person! The prices in Pratunam street market are lower compared inside Platinum mall but I guess all in all, everything’s relatively cheap that;s why we bought so many stuff! My sister and I even had to buy a large bag with wheels just to carry everything we bought! 

Anyway, that’s the last post of my thailand adventure. I’m currently procrastinating and typing this blog post instead of studying for my 2 exams tomorrow. I guess I better hit those books.

Have a great evening! :)

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Thailand day four: Pattaya to Bangkok

On our fourth day, we were set to go back to bangkok. But before we did, our guide took us to this open safari. I had a great time!

Mainly because first, we remain seated in the comforts of our air conditioned bus! We don’t have to walk which is so great because frankly, I’m tired from all the shopping and walking around. Second, we can open our windows during the ride for better photos! We can even touch some of the animals (except for the wild ones of course) and lastly, we saw a lot of animals doing their thang! Let me show you through the photographs I took :)

I also had the oppurtunity to feed the tall giraffes! That’s the reason why they’re standing near the hut on the 9th photo. 

I never realized that their tongue were that long! Kind of freaked me out because when I ran out of bananas to feed them, somehow I imagine them licking me because I still have the smell of their food! haha paranoid me :P

We also had the opportunity to feed the birds! But.. the birds were too scared to go near us. 

But another tourist managed to seduced the bird with his sunflower seed and when he got his photos, he “transfered” (for the lack of better word haha) the bird on to my sister’s hands! Good thing it didn’t flew away so we had our photos taken too! :>

After that we did tourist-y stuff like watch different animal shows and take a bunch of photos. We also ate lunch at this huge buffet place after our feet got tired and our tummy grumbled. Here’s my silly face after eating:

We spent the rest of the afternoon travelling back to Bangkok and some light shopping after.

Anyway, here’s what I wore during shopping in bkk. Changed my bag into something bigger so my wallet could fit in. 

Anyway that’s it! Will try to post a new blog tomorrow!

Have a great night! :)

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Thailand day one: Bangkok

Finally found some time to edit the 800+ photos we took in Thailand and sort them into folder (‘cause I’m an organize-freak that way). It was my first time to use the new lens my mom bought me for Christmas so I kind of bombarded my camera with random shots and sceneries.

Anyway, we arrived at bangkok at around 2pm. And on our way to the hotel, we saw this:

An unfinished building is burning up! 

We stayed in the highest hotel in Thailand which have a mall!!! (yey) the amenities of the hotel were pretty awesome. An indoor golf course, pool, a revolving view deck at 84th floor etc etc. But sad to say, I was kind of disappointed with the rooms. It just didn’t lived up to my expectations.

Anyhoo, after resting for a little while, since we have an itinerary to follow, our guide took us around the city for a little city tour. 

We also ate dinner at a chinese buffet place (as per my parents requested) 

Anyway, I didn’t have much photos of myself since I did all the taking. So my outfit shot was taken inside our hotel room.

Anyway, that’s it for our uneventful first day. We were too tired to function but we did a little night shopping at thei night market infront of our hotel which was awesome!! :”> More to come! :)

Till the next time!

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Thailand Photo Diary

Some of the random shots I took during my stay in Thailand. These photos are some of my faves. Not necessarily because of the technicality  of the shot (although some are pretty amazing) but because of the what it makes me feel, and also because of the subjects. haha! Details of what we did and where we went will follow :) oh and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :>

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It will take a little time

In Chinese tradition, when someone is celebrating their birthday, it is a custom to wear something red to the party for good luck and also for the party to look lively. So when we got invited to my nephew’s first birthday, I scrummage my closet for something red. 

And even though it was a children’s party I decided to tone my outfit down with neutrals courtesy of my lace-y top and bow heels. I wanted to feel lady like because its very common for me to dress up in kiddie colors when attending these children’s parties and I just wanna change it up a bit. I didn’t bring my camera to the party and left it in the car (my bad) but i loved it! Good food, good company and great ambiance!

After the party, my dad suddenly (and randomly) had the urge to go to Island Cove. Since it was still too early to go home.. we did! Its where we took these photos actually. We just found a very nice spot with gorgeous lighting so we took the opportunity and shot away. I love the results!

my ombre hair is obvious here right? right? (*hopeful hahaha)

We visited the zoo, rode the bike, ate seafood and enjoy the salty breeze and afternoon sun. It was a good day :)

Anyway, been feeling ugly/fat lately thus, no photos to post and blog about. I just have a lot for this set because the setting was so cinematic. I don’t want to waste it just because of my insecurities! haha

Its just that my eye bags are getting darker and bigger because of me staying up so late w/o reason. And I’ve been stressed eating a lot too. Got to stop this. Can’t wait for the term break to start!

One more month!

I’ll leave you guys with my jumping shot.

have a great evening!

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Sea creatures

Sea creatures never cease to amaze me. I’ve always fond of watching how fishes and other creatures gracefully swim. It makes me kind of wish I was a mermaid because I’m really not that good in swimming. (Joyce fun fact no.1 haha)

But I never feared the sea unlike my mother who’s always paranoid whenever we’re on a boat (Joyce’s mom fun fact no.1 hahah) Maybe watching the movie Titanic contributed to that.

Me? at the back of my mind I’m always imagining slash hoping that if ever I find myself in that Titanic kind of situation, fishes and other sea creatures such as whales mermaids or merman will help me find my way back to safety! haha CRAAAAZZZY I know :))

These photos were taken in Manila Ocean Park btw. Went there together with my chinese relatives and I toured them around the metro after :)

Anyway, I particularly love watching the JELLIES!!!

Anyway, just a little update! I’m currently dying studying for my exams! It’s midterms week so i gotta focus! Till next time :)

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BRB Coron Palawan

This was my farewell-be-back-soon outfit. I was going for nautical with a hint of vintagey vibe. I was wearing this lovely red middy dress with embroidered neckline with my trusty boater hat and sandals! 

The sun was just too hot that day and that made the crystal torquouise blue water even more blue. I almost didn’t want to leave. Proof is this photo below!

Nah. Just hugging a tree. Nothing special! haha

I super want to go back to the beach before schools start but I’m too busy. :(

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this photo of the beach! 

Yes that;s my feet.

and yes they’re pretty small.

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What a peach!

This particular look has probably took up most of the space in my memory card (compare to the other looks that trip, though I still have one look to show you guys!) 

Anyway, I’m inlove with this peach colored tunic so much. I love the bleached texture and well, the color itself. Even the material screams summer! It’s not too sheer but its very comfortable for summer and even great for layering! Well, admittedly, my all time favorite summer color is orange and peach is just a lighter shade of orange so, there!

Look at my sunburned face right thur ^ My nose is super duper red!

I paired this tunic with an aqua colored scarf as seen here and also my aqua colored flipflops with beaded straps! It matched the color of the scarf perfectly! :) I also wore my floral printed hat to complete the look :)

And good thing I wore that peach tunic that night because, dinner time came and guess what, we had a Hawaiian theme! Hawaiian theme, how cool is that!? Everyone gets to wear floral garlands and my garland perfectly matched the color of my dress!

That’s the whole set up of our dinner. Awesome right? Where just few feet from the sea. And we’re stepping on sand. AWESOME!

Thats the orange garland! It was so pretty!! You can make it into a head dress, necklace, bracelet, or just about anything! It’s garterized so it will fit no matter what you turn it into! <3

And as usual, that dinner was accompanied by a performance by the resort staff! What can I say? They always make our night extra special!

Yup, the performance that night was fire dancing and some poi. It was awesome and tad bit scary. (of course, the dancers were covered with oil and we were kind of scared they might burn their hair/skin or something but good thing nothing bad happened!)

So that’s it! :) Got to get back to work! 100+ layouts here I come!

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